Strategic Partnership with Bee Coin

ActivEightCoin enters into a new partnership with the Bee game coin

Today I am very pleased to announce that ActivEightCoin has agreed a strategic partnership with Bee, another token based on the Tron Blockchain. Bee is to be the utility token for a suite of upcoming games where players will be able to win prizes of various Tron tokens.

The terms of our partnership agreement with Bee will see ACTIV become an in-game prize token, in return our members will benefit from a supply of Bee Coin. ActivEight members will initially receive Bee as a bonus to their usual workout or steps rewards, however there will be other opportunities to earn Bee which will be revealed in the near future.

We look forward to helping Bee grow their following and can't wait to see the first game featuring ActivEightCoin, for more information on our new partner please check out their website at

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