ActivEightCoin Profit-sharing Announcement

As previously announced ActivEightCoin is to be a partner token in the upcoming CryptoCannabis Game and we will have an exclusive TRC20 Cannabis strain mineable only with ACTIV which will be called Mellow Eight.

ACTIV will be for sale in the game and also ActivEightCoin has exclusive rights to mining and selling 500 of the 1000 available Mellow Eight tokens. The sales of both ACTIV and Mellow Eight in the game will hopefully lead to important TRX revenue for ActivEightCoin which we will be sharing with holders.

1. Proceeds from in-game sales of ACTIV will be held in a voting wallet and 50% will be paid quarterly to holders in proportion to their holdings. The remaining 50% will go to the ActivEightCoin main wallet and the voting wallet will refill over the following quarter.

2. Revenue sharing on proceeds from sales of Mellow Eight will commence once ActivEightCoin has recouped the initial investment into the game and will be paid quarterly on the same basis as ACTIV proceeds.

Going forward we will be looking at further opportunities where we can increase the value of ActivEightCoin and share the profits with our holders. I hope you will all be supporting our first partnership!

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